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First Aid and Emergencies

Dealing With Emergencies

Prepare for the Emergency Room - Legal Protection

Take a deep breath. Count to 10. Tell yourself you can handle the situation.

Assess the danger. Protect yourself and the injured person from fire, explosions, or other hazards. If you suspect a spinal injury, do not move the person unless the danger is great.

If the person is unconscious or unresponsive, check the ABCs: Airway, Breathing, Circulation. If the person is not breathing, see Rescue Breathing and CPR on See Rescue Breathing and CPR.

Identify and prioritize the injuries. Treat the most life-threatening problems (bleeding, shock) first. Check for broken bones and other injuries. If you need emergency assistance, call 911 or other emergency services, such as the local fire department, sheriff, or hospital.

Prepare for the Emergency Room

  • If possible, call ahead to let emergency room staff know you are coming.
  • Call your doctor, if possible. He or she may meet you at the emergency room or call in important information.
  • If you think you may have to wait to be seen by a doctor, take this book and your medical records with you. While you are waiting you can:

Legal Protection

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If you are needed in an emergency, give what help you can. Most provinces have a Good Samaritan law to protect people who help in an emergency. You cannot be sued for giving first aid unless it can be shown that you are guilty of gross negligence.

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