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Nutrition for Children

Child-Sized Environment - Healthy Snacks

Your whole family can follow the diet outlined in Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating. Offer nutritious foods as well-planned, pleasant meals and snacks. Then sit back and let your child decide how much to eat (or even if he or she wants to eat at all). This is a good division of responsibility that allows children to tune in to their own appetite and takes the pressure off the parents.

Child-Sized Environment

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Imagine yourself eating at a giant's table. That's how a child can feel eating at an adult-sized table in an adult-sized chair.

Healthy Snacks

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Young children have small stomachs and high energy needs, so they need frequent snacks to supplement meals. Plan between-meal snacks as part of the day's total food intake. Snacks should provide good nutrition, not just empty calories.

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